• Brands

    • TRIWA

      Founded in 2007 by four friends with the goal to change the attitudes in the watch industry that they thought was too focused on status and tradition...

    • BOTTA

      The one-hand principle invented and lead by Klaus Botta, simplifies the way time is presented and read. Besides, it takes "extraordinary" to a whole new level.

    • ZIIIRO

      It all began on the Internet where Robert, based in Germany, posted his watch designs. They caught Derick’s attention, who was halfway across the globe in Hong Kong.

    • MR.JONES

      Mr. Jones Watches is the cult watch brand from London. We believe that a watch should make you think, start a conversation or simply make you smile.


      The world of watches is fundamentally geared towards those who have the ability to see. Eone Timepieces is looking to change that with the Bradley...


      Complementary colors, styles and designs differentiate Projects Watches from conventional watch brands, as well as its craftsmanship does.

    • TACS

      The Story of Tacs begins with Yoshi, a Japanese Gentleman, who has humanity in life style and working for watch design development for over 40 years.

    • HYGGE

      Influenced by Scandinavian modern design and the finest Japanese craftsmanship, Hygge continues to be a symbol of both cultures by creating and offering exceptional timepieces.