• Meta Saat, has become the distributor of Triwa in Turkey

      Founded in 2007 by four friends with the goal to change the attitudes in the watch industry that they thought was too focused on status and tradition. They started the company TRIWA (Transforming the Industry of Watches) with the purpose to transform the watch into a modern style symbol through a combination of classic silhouettes and contemporary Scandinavian simplicity.

    • Meta Saat, has become the distributor of Botta-Design in Turkey

      Complicated is easy – easy is difficult: Klaus Botta’s goal is always to develop logical products that can be operated intuitively. He intentionally dispenses with any superfluous elements, and pairs superior functionality with outstanding design. The prime example of this is the revolutionary UNO one-hand watch developed by Klaus Botta – the first wristwatch in the modern era to employ the one-hand principle. For this and a number of other products, the industrial designer has so far won 58 national and international awards. There is one key question that Klaus Botta always asks at the start of each development process: What if the product had never existed? Taking the example of a watch, this would mean that the most logical kind of watch would be one with just a single hand and a 24-hour scale. The one-hand principle simplifies the way time is presented and read.

    • HYGGE is rewarded with 2016 Reddot Design Award.

      HYGGE was rewarded with IF 2014 Design Award. Adding one other to its endless success, the brand is rewarded with Reddot 2016.

      Bradley won the IF 2016 Design Award.

      The Bradley was known as the greatest Kickstarter project ever. Having won Reddot before, the product won IF 2016 with its meticulous design structure.

      Meta Saat has become the distributor of Projects Watches in Turkey.

      Having designed by architectural eyes with 3d vision, Projects Watches is introduced to Turkey under the distributorship of Meta Saat in 2016. Complementary colors and styles differentiate Projects from other watch brands, as well its craftsmanship. All the designs and styles of Projects Watches are the outcomes of 20 different architectural visions. These visions have designed iconic places as art galleries, skyscrapers and various phenomanal structures, which aligns with Projects' wearable architecture character.

    • Meta Saat has become the distributor of Mr. Jones.

      Made in London, Mr. Jones is a brand with a range of outstanding, hand-made timepieces. The core value of the brand is to remind how precious life is.

    • New! ZIIIRO Eclipse Metal Series

      As one of the greatest nature phenomenas, eclipse is unforgettable... Designed with the inspiration of this staggering nature event, you couldn't be more sure of the impact ZIIIRO Eclipse leaves on the people around you.

    • Moov Now! Real-time fitness coach.

      Developed by the Ex-Apple engineer Meng Li, Meta Saat launched real-time fitness coach Moov Now, at the same time with the world. Moov Now is one of a kind smart band with its real-time coaching, which was foreseen to achieve this most advanced fitness wearable title long before it was launched. The product was on the cover of Forbes magazine after raising a million USD in 15 days.

    • We became the Turkey distributor of Tacs.

      After being distributed by Konyalı Saat for 5 years, Meta Saat took over Tacs' distributorship in June 2015. Tacs grabs attention with its unique designs and meticulously crafted timepieces. Smooth feelings on touch, symmetrical design and proportional structure differentiates Tacs from the conventional watch brands.

    • New! ZIIIRO Celeste Rose Gold is now available!

      ZIIIRO keeps standing out of the crowd; ZIIIRO Celeste Rose Gold is now available.

    • The Bradley is know available in Turkey.

      Named after paralympic gold medalist Bradley Snyder,The Bradley aims to fulfill a gap for visually impaired people. Titanium watch, with hard edges and outstanding looks, doesn't have any hands on the dials. The metal ball on the dials and in the inner circle shows minutes, while metal ball on the side shows hours. The Bradley is designed by Hyungsoo Kim, who had the idea after he was asked the time by a visually impaired friend. Although watches for people with visual disorders were manufactured before, The Bradley offers a much more practical and stylish design to check the time. Distributed by Meta Saat, The Bradley looks like an amazing prospect to shake the watch market in Turkey.

    • Meta Saat has become the distributor of HYGGE with IF 2014 Design Award.

      IF Design Award 2014 winner HYGGE, is a Japanese brand that offers minimalist but colorful watch designs, while aligning with casual life-style norms. Having all the components made in Japan, is now avalible in Turkey with its full range of timepieces.

    • New Brand: 666 Barcelona

      The creative minds of Spanish industrial designers Ferran Serra and Oscar Vera of Serradelarocha have designed 666 Barcelona, a wristwatch collection for outstanding people with outstanding tastes of timepieces. 666Barcelona is now available in Turkey by Meta Saat.

    • World's lightest LED watch

      World's lightest LED watch Time-it is introduced to Turkey by Meta Saat

    • And ZIIIRO is in Turkey.

      After realizing tons of watch brands copying each other for years, designer Robert Dabi thought that the watch industry wasn't where it should be. He came up with the idea of designing a watch of his own. After designing many prototypes, the final outcome was ZIIIRO Gravity. Although ZIIIRO Gravity had a standard quartz movement, its outstanding design raised huge attention from online designer magazines like Yanko Design and Gizmodo. Eventually, attention turned into pressure of going into production. On 2010, ZIIIRO Gravity was launched alongside of ZIIIRO Mercury with the efforts of German designer Robert Dabi, and entrepreneur Derick Ip from Hong Kong. Now in Turkey, ZIIIRO is available under Meta Saat guarantee..


    Who are we?

    Established in September 2016, META Pazarlama LTD. has kept it's reliable and professional style ever since. As a result, META has become the popular distributor of designer watch manufacturers and brands. Building its growth strategy on rapidly extending supply chain, META joined TEKINER (www.tekinergroup.com) on September 2007. TEKINER is a group of companies with import and export expertise of over 35 years. Started in a 9sqm store in 1979, today TEKINER serves its customers in its 6000sqm headquarters. As for META, its success of growth relies on professional mindset combined with reliability and quality. Under the wings of TEKINER, META is rapidly expanding its portfolio of brands; brands with greatest designs and quality.